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Cloudflare Workers and Azure AD

7 minute read

Hey Friends! I have been gone for longer than I should, but I am back! This time, with a really cool sample for using Cloudflare’s serverless Workers platfor...

OpenAPI and Azure Functions Out-of-Process

2 minute read

Previously, I blogged about OpenAPI and Azure Functions showcasing the way to generate a Swagger definition from Functions (before official extension was ava...

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Microsoft.Identity.Web and Azure Functions

6 minute read

I recently run into an interesting situation with authentication. Since serverless and Azure Functions are gaining more and more traction, I wanted to see if...

Cross-tenant publisher verification

6 minute read

Starting in November 2020, Microsoft started limiting applications to which end-users can consent to. The setup is fairly simple if you use a single tenant f...

Working on Surface Pro X

7 minute read

About a month ago, I refreshed my device - Dell XPS13 with Surface Pro X. The major difference between these two for me was ARM64 processor architecture, whi...

Using Logic Apps to build simple APIs

4 minute read

Logic Apps are Microsoft’s solution for integrations and also a codeless development platform (declarative). If you heard of Microsoft Power Automate (former...

Running EasyAuth locally

6 minute read

Azure App Service has a cool feature which enables your web apps to leverage authentication and authorization without any code changes. It is actually very p...

Staticman setup in App Service

7 minute read

Few months ago, I wrote a post about moving my blog away from WordPress to GitHub pages. While the general migration to markdown has been quite smooth, setti...

Running PHP in Azure Functions

4 minute read

Hi friends! Happy April Fools’ Day! Recently, Microsoft added a new feature to Azure Functions called Custom Handlers. It basically allows you to write Azure...

Microsoft.Identity.Web Sneak Peek

2 minute read

About a year ago, I posted about Microsoft Authentication Graph Helpers. While it set an example on how to standardize identity setup in ASP.NET Core project...

Azure Functions and Azure Files

3 minute read

Lately, I have been playing with Azure Functions. Since the release of v3 runtime, I noticed a really cool thing which signifies a nice progress in overall A...

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Fixing WinSCP editor error

1 minute read

I have been a heavy user of WinSCP for quite a few years. It is a great tool whether you need to connect to FTP, SFTP or even WebDAV servers. WinSCP offers a...

Dynamic Cache in App Service

5 minute read

A while ago, while I was browsing Kudu's setting documentation I stumbled upon a setting that caught my eye - Dynamic Cache. I have never heard or read about...

Sending e-mail from Web Apps

4 minute read

Most of web application oriented hosters (like Azure App Service) or application hosted in Docker (in Azure, App Service on Linux), or serverless application...

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A Christmas Present… for you!

4 minute read

About a week ago I announced the Microsoft Authentication Graph Helpers. Since then, I decided to publish a small, but a useful enhancement to it - AzureAdAu...

Microsoft Authentication Graph Helpers

2 minute read

I initially wanted to publish this code in summer already, but in the end, I didn't have enough time to spare to do so. Do you find yourself implementing Mic...

Upgrading to WebJobs SDK 3.0

5 minute read

With the recent release of Azure Functions Runtime 2.0, WebJobs SDK 3.0 got released alongside. WebJobs SDK is the backbone of Azure Functions, however it ca...

UseHttpsRedirection on Azure App Service

2 minute read

Recently, when deploying a project, we have hit an interesting issue - when we deployed an ASP.NET Core 2.1 application with HTTPS redirection middleware wit...

Hosting small sites in Microsoft Azure

9 minute read

I have been running this blog and bunch of other projects on a local shared hosting called WEDOS for something over 3 years. They offer some great services f...

Using ADAL for Node.js with Passport.js

4 minute read

I haven't touch Node.js much lately, however, back while I have been working with it, I was always curious, how to leverage both Passport.js with Azure AD an...

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The dangers of too many cookies on a website

10 minute read

Sometimes, when browsing Microsoft’s sites, you can run into some weird errors - like Bad Request - Request too long or sometimes even Connection refused. Th...

MyGroups: B2B application sample!

1 minute read

Based on my previous post about B2B guest access to application, I made another sample called MyGroups. I think it demonstrates practical usage of both B2B g...

Local Cache with App Service on Linux

6 minute read

I am sure you have heard of App Service's feature called Local Cache, which allows to cache all the files locally on the instance instead of pulling them fro...

Forcing reauthentication with Azure AD

6 minute read

While working on a project, I stumbled upon an interesting issue - how to force the user to reauthenticate in an application - for example when accessin...

To single sign out or not to?

8 minute read

When building a Line Of Business (LOB) application, you are usually better off with implementing the customer's current Identity Provider (IdP) which could b...

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Session locking in PHP on Azure Web Apps

6 minute read

During the last couple of weeks, users started noticing certain issues with an application that I develop on Microsoft Azure using PHP and Azure Web Apps. In...

MVA: Mastering Node.js series

less than 1 minute read

Recently, I discovered a series of 7 episodes about getting started with Node.js on Microsoft Virtual Academy! It goes through the basics and moves you deepe...

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