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Microsoft has really invested a lot into both Edge and Microsoft Search. However Bing is still behind a lot, especially in our Czech waters. On the other hand, I really enjoy using Bing for Work search, since it searches literally everywhere I would need to look manually otherwise. And it’s quite fast as well.

Usually, I would either open up our SharePoint or start searching in Teams, but it takes some time to figure out where the item I am looking for was. It also provides quick information about users, groups, sites and much more which can be added by custom connectors (for instance, searching in your DevOps instance, how cool is that, huh?).

I might have discovered America here for some, but I found this one really useful:

You can navigate to edge://settings/searchEngines in your browser and add a new search engine. You simply add a name, a keyword (after which it will activate, so I am using work) and the target URL which is: https://www.bing.com/work/search?q=%s

Then, whenever you type work followed by some keywords in the navbar in the browser, you will end up searching in Bing for Work!

So this allows me to keep both my Google search for all queries and quickly search in work related stuff as well.

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