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Searching for a lost MacBook

12 minute read

This is going to be a very unusual post for this blog, but I found this a very interesting topic which no one has written about yet. And I also believe it ma...

Gaming in the cloud

7 minute read

I have been a gamer since my childhood. Watching my cousins play Half-Life or Return to Castle Wolfenstein, through playing GTA: Vice City, Counter-Strike, e...

Hosting PHP in Azure Container Apps

15 minute read

This is a continuation of my endeavor to host a few of my side projects. In the previous post from 2018, I explained how I moved from a local webhost to an A...

Dealing with spam part 2

7 minute read

Continuing my fight against spam in, I decided to employ Azure OpenAI to deal with false-positives (or legit) in the junk folder. We are going to...

Dealing with spam

5 minute read

For the past couple of months, I have been really frustrated by the amount of spam appearing in my Inbox folder in my personal e-mail provided by

Power FX in JavaScript

5 minute read

It’s been a while since Microsoft announced and open-sourced its low-code engine called Power FX. The implementation, however, is only available in .NET, whi...

Cloudflare Workers and Azure AD

7 minute read

Hey Friends! I have been gone for longer than I should, but I am back! This time, with a really cool sample for using Cloudflare’s serverless Workers platfor...